Original MAN oilsHigh-quality lubricants guarantee reliable and uninterrupted operation of all vehicle components.

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Original oil - a million kilometers of comfortable and reliable ride

Genuine oils are an integral part of safe and efficient operation of any MAN vehicle. High-quality lubricants guarantee reliable and uninterrupted operation of all vehicle components.

«WEST TRUCKS» offers its customers original oils from German manufacturer only, theses oils are able to perfectly withstand extreme conditions, their use significantly increase service life of all components of a vehicle. Skilled personnel of our service point have repeatedly seen the difference between original oils and their cheaper counterparts. Rapid wear of engines, gearboxes and drive axles are clearly observable in the second case. 

The selected original oils not only protect your vehicle but also significantly increase maintenance intervals. Do not forget that use of quality oils considerably reduces fuel consumption.

MAN concern performs field testing of its oils, not only performance but also environmental friendliness is taken into account, that is, original oils reduce harmful CO2 emissions.

Original MAN oils protect your vehicle from sediments that can cause serious damage. These products strictly meet European quality and safety standards, not to mention damage that can be caused by counterfeits.

High-quality MAN products tested by millions –
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Our service centre is the official dealer of German vehicle manufacturing giant MAN, that us why we offer affordable prices for all high-quality products range. We will be happy to advise you on choice of both oils and original filters that will guarantee the reliable operation of your vehicle.

Our advantages

  • We use official state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and software from MAN Truck & Bus AG vehicle manufacturer only.
  • Selection of spare parts and components for MAN trucks is always performed via up-to-date Mantis official spare parts database.
  • Highly skilled specialists of "WEST TRUCKS" LLC also guarantee:

Proper time-management and reliability

Preliminary costs calculation

Warranty for performed works

Downtime reduced to a minimum

2-year warranty

Two-year warranty on MAN services and spare parts

The two-year warranty of MAN Truck & Bus SE covers all repair works performed at MAN service points and includes original MAN parts installed during the repair, original MAN ecoline parts and original MAN accessories. Servicing level is identical to previously valid one-year warranty.

  • According to the General Terms and Conditions.
  • At official MAN service points.

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